vendredi 22 novembre 2013


First leadership role requires special skills: Once you get the call to serve in a leadership role, you need to make some adjustments to your library of skills
-     Delegate whenever possible. Give projects to the right employees and don’t micromanage them.
-  Hire employees who complement your abilities. You will limit your accomplishments hiring only people like you. When you hire individuals who have the skills you don’t, you will exceed your goals.

-     Ask your peers for advice. When you are new to a leadership position you don’t know everything. Identify your most respected peers, and ask them how they have succeeded.
-  Stand by your employees. Show you trust them, and they will be trustworthy.
-     Stepping up to the next level:  When you’ve shown you are worthy of upward movement, you will need an additional set of skills for success:
-     Become a mentor. As you have learned along the way, you should share that knowledge with others. Look for enthusiastic employees and spend some time cultivating them.
-    Share celebrations with your employees. Nothing inspires a team more than knowing you appreciate everyone’s hard work.
-     Give back to the community that made you successful. Get involved in the local community by making donations and volunteering. What you give out comes back to you twofold.
-   Don’t blow your own horn. Others will be talking about you, which will make you appear more successful. Be grateful for the acknowledgements, but stay humble.
No matter what position you hold, leadership skills are valuable for moving you through your career and into a leadership role. Smart companies and employees at all levels know it’s critical to business survival to cultivate leadership skills at all levels.

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