jeudi 12 décembre 2013


Business can gain a lot from building social network but only you’re networking smart’

When it comes to building social network, you need to understand that there’s a lot of prep work to be done. You can’t just set up a Facebook profile for your company, tweet once or twice a day and expect public interest in your company to shoot through the roof.
Think about in this way: if you were in charge of your company’s booth at a trade show or conference, you wouldn’t just slap your company’s logo into a piece of poster, place your business cards on the table and hope for the best. Yet that is exactly how some company approach social media and that is why so many of these initiatives fail.
Before you start building social network you need to have well-researched game plan. If you don’t want your company social strategy to fall flat, there are some guidelines you’ll need to follow:
1.   Know your target ‘fans base’ where they spend their time online, what sort on content is relevant and valuable for them. Foster their continued interest and participation
2.  Keep in mind that everything is two way-street: then you’ll not prosper If your product and services are designed solely by folks on the inside. You need to embrace the perspectives and contributions of your customers and partners
3.  Successful strategies include posting quality content that people want to consume. Make sure that prospects are able to learn about your business through customers and employee testimonials. Remember that using multiple approaches-for example a blog, Facebook and interactive website-will reach more people

Building social network is not just about a paradigm shift in technology. It also requires business and cultural shift in how your business is organized and run. Now it’s time to find way to connect to individuals-be they coworkers, investors, customers or partners on personal and social level.

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