mercredi 19 février 2014


One mistake managers can make when recruiting new staff is being too cautious and careful in their approach. Subconsciously there may be a fear of taking on a new person who could ultimately pose a threat or a challenge. It is human nature, but it is sometimes the case that managers will not want to employ an individual who could potentially challenge their position or undermine authority within the workplace.

Any decision that is made by a manager should always be taken for the good of the organisation as a whole rather than what best suits individuals. One of the biggest flaws a business leader can have is thinking that they are the best at everything they do and not accepting other people’s points of view and opinions.
In fact it can be a sign of strength in an individual to recognise when you are not good at something so you can bring someone in who is. I have always looked to take on the right people to perform in areas where I do not feel comfortable or have the necessary expertise to do the best possible job. Of course, you should always ensure you are familiar with as much as possible. But nobody can be strong in every single aspect, so it makes sense to spread the workload.
As well as driving your business forward, hiring people who are better than you in certain areas will naturally improve your own skill set. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned Chief Executive, you should constantly be looking to improve on a personal level. Remaining stuck in your ways isn’t an option.

One of the biggest challenges for a manager or business leader is to ensure you have the right mix of talents and characters. A successful team has people from a variety of disciplines with different approaches to problems – but crucially, they are all working towards one shared goal.

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  1. This is a very interesting analysis which every manager should bear in mind so as to throw away the fear which prevents him from putting forward his company interest when recruiting. It is obvious that in nowadays business performing we need rather team skills than individual ones, the benefit for companies is that once they have built an intelligent gathering of different skills and set up a complemetary and strong mind to achieve their main goals it will be easier for them to become leader in their activy area.
    As a result of this it would be very important and highly necessary for managers to get knowledge of this advise for their companies sake but also for their permanent success key.
    Amadou DIA
    Port Operations, Transport and Logistics Consultant,
    Technical Manager
    Dakar ICD