dimanche 13 avril 2014


Entrepreneurs are like snowflakes: no two are exactly alike. But despite their differences, great businesspeople often share certain characteristics that drive success.

Trait #1: They’re surrounded by those who share their passion.
Entrepreneurs understand that they can't go it alone. You can expect long work hours and hard days in the beginning, personal drive and shared similar values with your colleagues will see you through this time. This enthusiasm translates to a positive customer experience. And that's what will build your business.
Trait #2: They know themselves.
Whether you're a "helper," an "arbitrator" or a "driver," to reach your highest leadership potential, you have to stay true to yourself, rather than trying to conform to other people's images of the best you. If you truly commit to learning more about yourself and becoming the best that you can be, you will discover that all challenges are really the seeds of opportunity.
Trait #3: They are true experts.
A successful entrepreneur never stops learning and makes the most of that specialized knowledge. When you spend years in the same industry, you learn its history. Knowing what's been done before can help you identify how it can and should move forward. In the meantime, you'll build a network of relationships to support you in future endeavors, especially when times are lean. Those relationships are invaluable
Trait #4: They take action.
Plenty of people will tell you no – but you shouldn't be one of them. Action can cure fear and hesitation and doubt. Remember, we are granted the limited resource of energy and time in our existence, so keep your mind focused on the end goal: growth and progress." Besides, if you don't have confidence in yourself, how can you inspire it in others?
Trait #5: They fail well.

Fear of failure can be paralyzing. But what feels like a mistake could lead you to your next great idea. Too many people take failure as a sign it's time for them to give up. Those people don’t get very far. What sets successful people apart is the ability to get up and give it another go with a better plan for how to be successful the next time.

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